Tarot Cards Can Be Your Best Friend & Day To Day Guide …Know How?

Tarot Cards Can Be Your Best Friend & Day To Day Guide …Know How ?

How Tarot Cards can truely be your best friends & guide if you utilise them rightly…


Let’s know them better…

What are Tarot Cards? (in simple words)

– Tarot Cards are the pictorial depiction of various elements of your Life covered in the deck of 78 cards. They are available in multiple different formats and designs.

‘Cards don’t carry their own energy.’

There are different point of views on this topics though which is a separate topic of discussion. 

Today we shall focus on the topic that we have touched:

How Tarot cards can be your friends in the day to day life and guide you in every situation ?

Cards pick up the energy of the reader as well as the querent. So, if you are the reader as well as the querent the cards align with your energy and helps you with the answers that you need. 

The only pre condition is that you are intuitively awakened /divinely aligned.

  • How Do You Know If You Are Intuitive ? 
  • Can Intuition Be Developed ? 
  • What enables Us To Read Tarot Cards ?
  • Can Anyone Read Tarot Cards ?

 ……..such questions and many more will be answered in the next blogs.

However few quick tips to know if you are intuitively aligned : 

1) You are able to pre-empt events/happenings since childhood

2) You see some messages in dreams and they become reality

3) You always get that feeling of “I knew It”

4) You always have that inner voice guiding you against dangers/opportunities in your life

If any of the above points or all are affirmative ,then here is the goodnews for you..

YES, you are intuitive …

YES, you can read Tarot Cards or are qualified to get attuned towards it.

All you need to do it learn the skill to read it rightly and start seeking your guidance through them…At the core we all are intuitive beings with undiscovered talent. 

You can use Tarot Cards as a guiding tool once your intuition is aligned or you are able to channel the positive divine source. These cards can magically connect with your energy field and help you analyse multiple questions across different aspects of your life.

The queries could be about:

1) Relationships

2) Health

3) Wealth

4) Career

5) Business

6) Prediction

7) Eductaion

8) Strength,Weakness,Opportunities, Threats etc..

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Overall , Tarot Cards can surely guide you on any and every aspect of your Life as per the current as on date energy that surrounds you .This can help you make better and informed choices in Life. 

So, YES each one of us is able to read tarot cards but we aren’t enabled to read them right until the divine source attunes us towards them to attain higher purpose.

Love & Light 🔅🌙

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