AstroVruksh Academy(AA) offers workshops,seminars and courses on Astro Streams and Psychic Streams.We vision to train “Professional Destiny Managers”, by offering training in managing the destiny with the help of multiple destiny management tools.

Our Curiculam offers a unique blend of spiritual,practical and scientific approach towards the subject / streams covered in the course and workshops.

We offer interactive sessions,supported by sufficient course material to aid the student in their research.

We don’t support spoon feeding, rather help the participant develop their intuitive, research and analytical skills in practice as we believe in developing the skill, than just teaching the subject or memorising it.

We use modern day techniques of presentation, quiz, case study analysis, engaging assignments to help the students engage with the subject . This helps the student earn in-hand experience of addressing cases and analysis.

Enrollment of the students in the our course would be only post pre-set evaluation test which includes –
         ● Astro Chart Analysis
         ● Pre-Written Questionaire

Certificates will be provided to the successful candidate post the examination basis their merit.


We look forward to create ethical, professional and smart destiny managers through this initiative.

For any query contact us +91 9326262804 or email us [email protected]